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Do you guys have a website or blog? I liked this game so much that I am prepared to pay for it.

This demo is actually a really great demo! Only one issue I came across was an interface issue that was fixed with a lower resolution. I played on a iMac so I do not know if the same issue applies to Windows as well.

As for the actual game and gameplay, I absolutely loved how it played. I wish the inventory section would have been used a bit more, but with this only being a demo it is easily understood and is demonstrated very well. The mini puzzles that you incur along the way are very well put together. Very little guidance helps to give the player a feeling of "I did it!" instead of a more guided "I did it, now what?" As for the ending of this demo, I did not expect it at all. You will have to play for yourself to choose your own destiny, but the element of choice was a nice surprise. Overall with this being a demo I would give it a solid 7.5/10 and I am very harsh on how I grade things. If you would like to check out a gameplay video I made you can use the link below, but I highly recommend playing the game for yourself if you can first. Well done game! Would play again!

Sol Gameplay:

Woah! What an awesome demo, it would have been nice if it said it was a demo but it was still amazing. I feel already immersed.

Tips for future builds, save option, and !stuck option. The reason I have included stuck option is because the rover got stuck on one of the object and I had to start over. Maybe if the player could type or press a button to indicate they are stuck the game could teleport the player close by.

If you need a alpha/ beta tester I'll be happy to help.

Glad you enjoyed it. I will make sure to describe it as a demo! Also, There is a reset button for development purposes, but I should make it publicly know because there are a few places where people can get stuck.

Thanks! :D